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I play games
build a timeline of your gaming experiences Search thousands of games and add them to your weave whether you watched a lets play, tried a demo or finished a 40 hour campaign your experiences come together to create your personal weave.
Summarize your thoughts on every game by keeping it simple and to the point. Use up to 140 characters to reflect on your time with a game.
Every game has useful metadata associated with it like what platform you played on, what site you watched the speed run or if you only played the multiplayer.
Diverse experiences
Whether you played a game, watched competitive play online or a mix of both doesn't matter. It's your time with the game that gets reflected.
a review system that is relative
No game is experienced on an island. Each game informs the next and so should the way you review your games. Each game can be placed in a tier from 5 (awful) to 1 (unforgettable) based on your time spent playing, watching or doing both.
critical mass
You love them. You hate them. You love to hate them. Now you can follow their reviews in one easy place. Game critic's from prominent gaming sites have curated weave's built from their published reviews. You can explore the entire history of gaming reviews of your favorite gaming personalities and get a feed of their latest reviews in one place.
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